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Dr. Sean Lee is a board-certified dentist who serves the residents of Shelton, Connecticut and many other nearby cities and towns. The staff at Shelton Dentist specializes in many different types of cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

How Often Should Teeth Whitening Systems be Used?

Because of their abrasive nature, most dentists recommend using teeth whitening systems sparingly. Abrasives found in many whitening kinds of toothpaste can gradually begin to wear away the teeth's delicate enamel. Once the enamel has been damaged or destroyed, it cannot be put back and will not restore itself leaving the teeth open to decay and deterioration. The teeth whitening systems that dentists offer in their offices are safer to use and strictly monitored by the hygienists who apply them to the teeth. Before using any teeth whitening system, it is important to talk to the dentist to find out if he recommends a specific brand.

Are Home Whitening Systems Safe to use?

Most teeth whitening systems that are designed for home use are safe to use as long as the patient follows the directions and pays close attention to what is going on during the treatment. Most systems use a form of peroxide which is safe when used according to the packages’ directions. If a teeth whitening toothpaste is used, check with the dentist to find out which ones have the least amount of abrasives. Using these types of toothpaste once or twice a week can help to dramatically whiten teeth without causing excessive damage if they have minimal amounts of abrasives.

Are Teeth Whitening Tooth Pastes Effective?

Teeth whitening toothpaste often contains harsh abrasives. Those that don't are still somewhat effective as long as they are used consistently and according to the package directions. Before using any type of teeth whitening product, it is important to discuss all options with a dentist who specializes in these types of procedures. Depending on the general health of a patient's teeth, the dentist may recommend having the procedure performed within the office.This will allow the hygienist and the dentist to monitor the procedure from start to finish. In between dentist visits, a mild teeth whitening paste may be used sparingly.

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Shelton Dentist accepts most dental insurances. If you do not see your insurance listed here, please contact our office.

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