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Dr. Sean Lee is a board-certified dentist who specializes in the use of root canals and other dental procedures. At Shelton Dentist, the doctor and his staff serve many Connecticut towns and communities, including the residents of Shelton.

Root Canals Q & A

What is a Root Canal?

Root canals involve the removal of the infected or abscessed root of a tooth. Abscessed teeth can be extremely painful, and, if not effectively treated, the tooth may have to be pulled. During a root canal, the dentist drills down through the root of the tooth removing the pulp and the infection and filling the resulting hole with a thermoplastic material called gutta-percha. Gutta-percha is a rubbery material that supports the exterior of the tooth from the inside while allowing the tooth to function in its normal capacity. In order to be placed inside the root cavity, the material must first be heated and then gently pressed into the hole so it can take the proper shape.

Do Root Canals Have to be Painful?

Dentists normally do everything in their power to reduce the pain and discomfort of their patients who are undergoing a root canal. Most of the time, the pain they feel prior to the procedure has to do with the infection or abscess. The worse the infection becomes, the more pain the patient will experience. The dentist will thoroughly numb the area prior to beginning the procedure. Once the area is numb and the root of the tooth has been completely removed, much of the pain will naturally subside. The dentist will also remove any infection that is present. This will allow the tooth and surrounding area to heal much faster with a lowered risk of infection.

What is Used to Fill the Empty Canal?

The material used to fill the empty space after the removal of the root of a tooth is called gutta-percha. It is a thermoplastic material that must be thoroughly heated before being introduced into the empty cavity. The material is firm but rubbery and provides support to the tooth from the inside. It also provides the same type of "cushion" or resistance as the nerve or root of the tooth. Once the gutta-percha is heated, it is extremely malleable and can be used to easily fill out the root canal and seal the base of the tooth, preventing any further infection. Once the gutta-percha is in place, the dentist will fill in the crown of the tooth with a sealant or dental composite material.

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