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Dr. Sean Lee is a board-certified oral surgeon who specializes in many types of cosmetic and dental surgeries. The dentist and the staff at Shelton Dentist serve the residents of Shelton, Connecticut and many nearby towns.

Oral Surgery Q & A

Do all Wisdom Teeth Have to be Surgical Removed?

Not all wisdom teeth have to be surgically removed. For most people, the teeth will gradually begin to work their way in on their own without facing any form of obstruction. If the patient's mouth is not large enough to accommodate all of the teeth, the dentist may opt to pull the wisdom teeth to allow the others to have more room. Normally, the only time surgery is required to remove a wisdom tooth or teeth is if they come in at an angle or are wedged between the jawbone and the back of the other teeth. Teeth that come in at an angle are referred to as being impacted and, in some cases, must be broken and surgically removed to make sure all of the roots are removed.

What is an Impacted Tooth?

An impacted tooth is one that is tightly wedged between two other teeth or between the back of the teeth and the jawbone. Impacted teeth must be removed or they will eventually cause the other teeth near them to begin to shift and move out of their original position. Once the teeth have begun to shift, it can cause problems in a person's bite pattern and may also lead to intense pain in the jaw if they cannot close their mouth properly. Wisdom teeth that begin to erupt at an angle can damage the surface of the wisdom tooth as well as crack or chip the other teeth it comes in contact with.

How Long Does it Take for Oral Surgeries to Heal?

The soft tissues within the mouth heal extremely fast, especially if there is no risk of infection. When surgery is performed to remove the wisdom teeth, the dental surgeon will normally place one stitch over each cavity to help the wound begin to close. People who are in good overall health may have their wounds completely healed within ten days to two weeks. If any degree of infection was present, the healing may take slightly longer, but will normally be complete in as little as three weeks. It is important to keep the area clean and prevent food from becoming lodged in the sockets.

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